From our flock to yours

Thank you for your support of our small family business. We love serving you each and every month and hope to continue to bring you the best in chicken tees for years to come.


What’s the cut and style of the shirts?

All shirts from us are unisex style t-shirts.

Where are your shirts made?

All of our shirts are from manufacturers located in the US. However, they do import from various other countries, all from sweatshop free facilities. The design, printing, packing and shipping is all done from our home in Texas. 

When are the subscriptions sent each month?

The Bawks renews on the 15th of each month and we ship by the 25th.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription anytime?

Absolutely you can. You can also pause your subscription for a period of time and it will resume when you wish. You can full control over your subscription and are not locked into any certain term or contract.