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  • And so much more!

How the Subscription Works

  • Subscribe to the Bawks

    Subscribe to the Bawks

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  • Get a Monthly Tee & More

    Get a Monthly Tee & More

    Get a brand new, custom designed, chicken t-shirt every single month, without fail.

  • Spread Love, Not Poop

    Spread Love, Not Poop

    Spread the love of chickens everywhere you go. Because there's enough poop in the world already.

See Some Past Bawkses

We've been around for nearly 3 years now so we've got a lot to show. Here's just a few of the super fun tees we've created over the years.


A Tiny Bit About Us


    We know buying online can be scary because of all the scams and fake assured, we run our business out of our home and ship all over the US from Texas.


    We're a family business that hand-crafts every single design and curates each product you'll get. Yes, the kids help too so if you end up with a toy in your shipment, consider it a bonus.


    Started in 2020, we've got the track record to prove we will be here for the long haul. We don't duplicate bawks tees and we only use the best quality tees and prints we can find.

A tee for every tender

Our goal is to put the most amazing, softest chicken tees on every chicken tender.

ONLY YOU can help stop the spread of scratchy, uncomfortable t-shirts for crazy chicken people everywhere.

Looking for single tees and chicken items? We've got a handful but the best way to enjoy the Chicken Bawks is to subscribe!

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