Job Opening

Do you love chickens? I mean really love chickens? As in, are they almost an obsession? Because you might be a great fit for this if it is. 

We’re The Chicken Bawks, a chicken t-shirt brand, and we’re looking for a social media manager to help grow our brand. So if chickens are the first thing you think about in the morning, and possibly the last thing at night, we need to chat. 

Please note that this is a part time, remote position. 

The job outline

  • Must be fluent with Tik-Tok, particularly reels (and have proof of experience)
  • Fluency with Instagram a plus
  • Own/have access to chickens daily
  • Good phone photography/videography skills
  • Be very familiar with chickens in order to create the content needed
  • Be the face of our brand on the platforms being used
  • Must have a phone with good camera

Character traits

  • Good communication skills verbally and written
  • Willing to take direction and receive constructive feedback
  • Fun and lighthearted personality 
  • Dependable and responsible with being consistent 
  • Trustworthy and honest 
  • Willing to speak up and give honest opinions to leadership 
  • Self-driven on a daily basis
  • Creative with new content ideas and concepts
  • Well spoken (we can understand you)
  • Does not use profanity on a regular basis

What you’ll be doing:

We envision the ideal person as someone that takes pride in being the face of the Chicken Bawks brand. We need you to create video content that will engage and gain traction on TikTok in an organic way. You will be responsible for creating all content on that platform, mostly in the form of reels. We can send videos from time to time but mostly, you will be on your own and expected to create reels on a daily basis. 

Our goal is to post 1-4 times per day and be consistent with it. You will need to research the tags to use and be involved in the conversations if someone responds to a video. Should you need guidance, you can always push them to contact support where we will be able to help them from there. We will also be a text or phone call away should you need immediate support. 

While we will be checking in on a regular basis with you, we are not micro-managers and expect you to take on the job with confidence and consistency. We will put a lot of trust in you and want you to feel like you are a vital part of the brand for the long term. As your experience increases, we will be very happy to increase responsibilities and compensation as is needed. 

In a nutshell, you will be the piece our team has been missing and we want you to feel like you are helping to grow a brand that has potential to be a leader in the chicken market. Note that this is a part time position, not a full time salary.